The Danish Anarchists Who Inspired SantaCon Could Not Have Imagined Its Bro-Hell Future

Last night was Santacon, a terrible hellscape of bros from the tri-state area descending upon lower Manhattan — and now parts of Brooklyn — to cram themselves into tiny bars, drink themselves into unconsciousness, piss themselves, vomit all over sidewalks and train stations, and get into physical fights with each other and passersby — all while dressed in Santa suits. It’s a nightmare.

But I just found out the inspiration for Santacon came from a Danish Anarchist Theater troupe that dressed up like Santas and staged a parade and then “broke into a General Motors factory and made speeches about the unemployment crisis from a crane. Video footage shows joyful Santas holding rakes and sickles, attacking the walls of Copenhagen’s Labor Court. The event slowly transformed from what seemed like a random, innocent celebration to full-on social upheaval.”

The people who inspired SantaCon “lived in and helped form an anarchist-based commune at an abandoned military base in Copenhagen” and “wanted to confront the public and rebel against upper-class exploitation and control.”

cc: Sofie Tholl

via Facebook


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