How Colorado Voters Could Usher in the Future of Healthcare in America | VICE | United States

“ColoradoCare would opt the state out of the Affordable Care Act and provide comprehensive coverage for every resident. This would be paid for by a 3.33 percent income tax and a 6.67 percent payroll tax for employers—or up to 10 percent for the self-employed. These are steep hikes, but for most Coloradans it would mean paying less than they currently pay for insurance premiums. (If people want extra insurance they can buy it on the private market; it would be a bit like public schools, which everyone pays for but some decide not to use.) Supporters believe the system will cost a total of $6 billion less than the current arrangement in a given year.”

“The most peculiar feature of ColoradoCare is that it is structured like a kind of statewide, obligatory cooperative. The legislature can’t touch those tax revenues; they go straight to a fund overseen by trustees that residents—regardless of citizenship or immigration status—will elect directly. Residents have to approve tax increases as well. On the one hand, this design bypasses restrictions that prevent the legislature from raising taxes; on the other, it’s a half-socialist, half-libertarian experiment in co-ownership and co-governance on the scale of more than 5 million people.”

h/t Sushil Jacobin

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