Data Show Disturbing Racial, Gender Wage Disparities In Low-Pay Retail Jobs

When you hear about jobs numbers improving, ask what kinds of jobs and for whom. Retail salesperson is the most common job in the US, and the lowest paid jobs are mostly women and disproportionately people of color. Much higher paying management positions — across the board in all types of retail from clothing to big box to home and garden — are overwhelmingly white and male. One reason why racial and gender disparities persist? Because our nations largest employers — like Target, Wal-Mart, Zara, and Home Depot — keep women and people of color stuck in the lowest paying jobs and install white men in the vast majority of good paying jobs.

I urge you to skim the report because — even if you intuitively knew this was true — the numbers, and the consistency across retail sectors, is really shocking to see laid out.

A new Fair Workweek Initiative joint from the ever-brilliant @aditi sen!

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