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Who wins with a $15 minimum wage?

“The people who stand to benefit most from minimum wage hikes across California are low-income adults, most of them household breadwinners, according to an analysis by UC Berkeley Labor Center.”

Let’s keep this in mind when opponents of #RaisetheWage argue that minimum wage jobs are mostly held by teens or transitional workers.
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Statement on non-indictment of officers who killed Jamar Clark

“Every day in Minneapolis, we see black men arrested for less evidence than was presented today about the officers’ deadly actions. The evidence presented today, if it had not involved police officers, would have been enough to send the case to trial for a jury to decide. Freeman’s decision not to charge these officers is a political choice that shows that police officers are still above the law, and that their fear of young black men will continue to be an acceptable legal basis for killing them.”
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Happy Easter.

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The most challenging cello performance ever: in a Wichita sports bar to a crowd of loud uninterested bros.

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Calif. to raise minimum wage to $15: report

Wow California!!
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Breakfast for one at the doo-dah diner in Wichita.

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Brooklyn DA Says Cop Who Killed Akai Gurley Should Not Go To Prison

Quoting Susannah Karlsson:

Three cheers for hypocrisy!

From my colleagues:

“I do not want to see anyone go to prison (with obvious exceptions), and I do not believe this cop left his house intending to kill Akai Gurley. I wont change my beliefs simply because the man is a cop. But I’d like to quote the wise Alex Perlin to show the hypocrisy of the Brooklyn District Attorney: ‘the Brooklyn DA has recommended/demanded jail time for the following offenses: hopping a turnstile, biking on the sidewalk, panhandling, bending a metro card, stealing a can of soda, stealing soap, stealing a pack of socks, trespass when it’s cold so they stepped inside a building. This is not including the time people have spent in jail awaiting arraignment or trial. This week they asked for 60 days in jail for a client driving with a suspended license. To someone who killed a teenager poses no danger to society can only mean you do not care about the part of society to which the victim belonged.’ Well said sir.”
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