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Critics See Efforts to Purge Minorities From Voter Rolls in New Elections Rules

As we engage in debates on who to vote for, remember that Black citizens are being denied the right to vote across the country. North Carolina’s restrictive voting laws were just struck down because they were explicitly designed to deny Black people the vote (reminder: it is 2016) — but the schemes to disenfranchise Black voters have proliferated in multiple states since the Supreme Court paved the way. This election will put the SCOTUS majority in the balance — and the rights of everyone to have a say in their government.
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Part of my job apparently includes face painting. This kid asked to look like a “husky dog”. Saw this kid 15 min later in the bouncy house and he’d completely washed his face.

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WJZ-TV | CBS Baltimore

From Marc J. Krupanski “If you wonder why police are rarely if ever held accountable by our justice system for crimes they commit, watch & listen to Marilyn Mosby, the prosecutor in charge of the Freddie Gray case. As with any successful prosecution, it depends upon police cooperation and professionalism. Not roadblocking, corruption, and threats.”

“This is mandatory viewing if we are to get out of the trouble we are in”
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Movement 2016

Here’s an amazing resource from Karla West Basta. Do you think that more people — particularly poor people and people of color — should vote? Do you also think that elections are just the beginning — not the end of political organizing? Do you also want to know that your dollars are going to effective organizations that organize all year round to build community power and take on fights for economic and racial justice at the local and state level?

Check out There are so many options to donate in swing states to vetted organizations that are going to keep fighting past November. They’ll use your money to get out the vote AND build lasting organizations. We can’t trust politicians to make change, we have to build movements to force them to make change!
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The Des Moines Register

Two unbelievable things about Iowa: one, Congressman Steve King is one of our representatives and two, the brilliant Rekha Basu (Des Moines Register) has been speaking truth in our paper of record for 25 years.
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Shaun King

“Charles Kinsey, a therapist who works at an assisted living facility, was trying to help an autistic patient that escaped from a group home on Monday. Police arrived in response to a 911 call regarding an armed man who was threatening suicide.

“All he has is a toy truck,” Kinsey can be heard saying in the video during the ordeal. “A toy truck. I am a behavior therapist at a group home.”

Kinsey was then shot by North Miami Police, despite being unarmed and pleading with the officers, his hands in the air. “
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Ladies and gentlemen, the representative of my hometown.
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