Donate to Bail Fund for I-94 Protesters

If you’re looking for a way to help, here’s a way to help. I donated to help out brothers and sisters at MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) and everyone else fighting for Black Lives in Minnesota.

“46 protesters, including youth, union members, faith leaders of all creeds, and activists of all ages, races, and geographies, are being held in police custody on outrageous gross misdemeanor riot charges. Each is being held on a minimum of $1,500 bail for blocking traffic to demand justice, after being attacked indiscriminately by St. Paul Police and the State Patrol with tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. Meanwhile, the officer who killed Philando Castile in cold blood is on a taxpayer-sponsored paid vacation. We’re partnering with Black Lives Matter Minneapolis to get these freedom fighters out of jail — and we need your help.
We will not be intimidated. Donate now for this fight and all the future resistance fights to come. This is more than a moment, it’s a movement.”
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