Don’t vote for Donald Trump: a letter from a black nephew to his white aunt

This is a really beautiful, personal piece about Zak Cheney Rice reaching out to his white aunt about the election.

“‘I don’t want you to cast your vote without knowing how personal your support of Mr. Trump feels to me, and how painful it is to watch,’ I wrote … I hoped to convince my aunt that the love she had for her black niece and nephew was incompatible with voting for Trump, who has built his political platform atop fears of black lawlessness. If nothing else, it felt necessary to confront the still-taboo subject of racism within our family for the first time with her … It’s striking how easily people can separate their support for an openly racist political platform from their own prejudices — as if you can vote for a candidate whose main schtick is bigotry and still believe yourself to be anything but a bigot.”

via Facebook


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