The trouble with the liberal arguments against third-party voters—and what to do about it

A great article about treating third party voters with respect and a much larger meditation about how voting is a small part of our overall democratic duty by the ever-brilliant Josie Duffy Rice.

“I’m not saying that third-party voters—or any voter—shouldn’t be challenged. But I think the way we challenge them has been demeaning and patronizing and kind of gross.

“Here’s my challenge: I would implore people with more leftist values to think about November 8 as the day to elect your opponent. I would push back on the idea that our vote is or should be the purist expression of our political values.

“Surely, I feel a unique duty to vote. But voting is not where I have the most impact. Every day I hope my work is more valuable than my hole-punched card. This is why I’m going to vote for the opponent I want. Democracy isn’t seasonal. I’m looking forward to electing her president, and I’m ready to push her for the next eight years.”
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