Hate Crimes Are on the Rise in New York City

This is what happens when the election of President Trump normalizes hate. This is what happens when the man who ran the platform for neo-Nazis is the chief policy advisor, when racists who call their Black colleagues “boy” are Attorney General and insane conspiracy theorists who want to go to war with Islam as a whole are national security advisors. Words will turn into policies, but before they turn into policies, racists across the country are each armed and deputized and ready to attack on their own. Even in New York City. Every Black, Brown, and Jewish person has to live with that much more fear.

“Hate crimes in New York City have risen in the weeks since Donald J. Trump won the presidential election, a noticeable spike that encompasses ethnic minorities, Jews, whites and people for their sexual orientation. In New York City, 43 episodes have been deemed possible hate crimes by the Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force since Election Day, more than double the number reported for the same period last year.”

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