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From Asya Pikovsky:

Feeling empowered after yesterday? Great. Now we have to do more. I’m putting together 20 options for what to do next, and will be posting them for the next few days. And I think you should post your own too. What do we think, #10WaysToFightTrump?

For what it’s worth, here are my first five:

1) Support your local community organizing group. Barack Obama was ridiculed for being a community organizer, but these groups provide exactly those services that benefit your neighbors and prevent Trump’s worst ideas from being implemented. They fight for affordable housing, higher minimum wages, and protections for immigrants, among many other things. These groups get stuff DONE, and they need your help. Volunteer some hours, or if you have a great story of how you’ll be hurt by the Trump regime, let them know – they are desperate for these stories and know how to use them with the media to show how Trump will harm this county. You can find these groups here:
Or here:
Or here (among other places):

2) Engage with your US Senators and Representatives, starting today. The easiest way to do so is through an online petition. If that doesn’t work, call, or send a physical letter. If that still doesn’t work, you’re allowed to visit them in their office. Meet them face to face. And if they’re still not listening, organize a lobby day with your friends, neighbors, and family. Learn how to do so here:

3) Contact LOCAL State Senators, Assembly Members, School Board members, and City Council members. It’s much easier to turn around legislation at the local level, and if you make a splash, it sends a strong signal to federal lawmakers that they better not mess with the same policies or people. When you hear about a local policy that alarms, you, call not only your representatives, but local media to let them know how you and your friends will be affected. The stronger the story, the more likely it is you’ll get attention. Your story matters. Find your local electeds here:

4) Consider running for office, if only at a very local level. I’ve never considered it before this year either, but now I am. And it’s actually not that hard. When Michael Moore ran for his first office at 18 years old, on his local School Board, he only had to get twenty signatures to be qualified. Twenty! And School Boards control whether Betsy Devos will be able to implement her pro-Christian, anti-accountability agenda locally. It’s just one example. Think about what it would look like multiplied across the country. Here are some orgs where you can find out how to start:
She Should Run:
Vote Run Lead:
Victory Fund:

5) Pledge your skills. If you’re a lawyer, consider volunteering as a legal observer to protect marchers. If you’re a graphic designer, devote some time each month to helping protestors make signs or improving the website of your local community organizing group. If you have a medical background, devote some pro bono time to helping those who will lose their health care. Whatever it is, Just. Do. It. Just getting involved will make it easier to take even more steps to help.
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