Affordable water may soon dry up, especially if you live here

This is the kind of information from the EPA that Trump and Republicans want to hide from you:

“The EPA also provides an estimate for much Americans can afford to spend on water and wastewater services. If water prices rise above 4.5 percent of a household’s income, then “that means you’re going to have to take expenditures from other portions of your budget and allocate them to water,” Mack said.

“To meet this affordability benchmark, a household must earn at least $32,000 per year, according to Mack and Wrase’s assessment. Based on their numbers, nearly 14 million American households — 11.9 percent — couldn’t afford water in 2014. If water prices continue to rise at the same rate (41 percent over five years), then a third of American households — 40 million — may lose access to affordable water, they found.”
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