How The Fast-Food Chain Led By Trump’s Labor Nominee Stiffed Workers Again And Again

This is Trump’s pick for Department of Labor. Trump’s friends are billionaires and his enemies are workers. When your boss screws you over, you think this guy will protect you?

Managers at a Hardee’s restaurant in Alabama scrubbed workers’ hours from the logbooks in order to avoid paying them overtime.

Hardee’s workers in Pennsylvania were required to pay 10 cents per hour for the privilege of wearing a Hardee’s uniform.

Workers at a Georgia Hardee’s were told to clock out and sit in the parking lot when business slowed down. When it picked up again, they were told to clock back in and work.

Adult workers at a Hardee’s restaurant in Iowa were paid a “sub-minimum wage” that was legal only for minors, while minors worked so late that their hours broke child labor law.
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