The very vocal protesters who took on the Fed are now fighting to protect it

A great overview of the shift in the Fed Up Campaign because we need to STOP the Financial CHOICE Act to save the economy. Along with Full and Fair Employment, we’re adding a new goal: saving the entire economy from a financial crash. Unless you’re a billionaire who is a personal friend of Trump, you want to be part of this fight against GOP Senators selling us out. Our survival depends on it.

“We see the [bill] as speeding us toward another financial crash and preventing the Fed’s ability to respond to another financial crash,” Sebastian said.

“Donald Trump and [Treasury Secretary] Steven Mnuchin, the foreclosure king, don’t care about stories like mine. They only care about their billionaire friends,” Philadelphia resident Tyrone Ferguson of One Pennsylvania said in a prepared speech. “Now Trump and his billionaire friends want to take over the Fed, too.”

Fed Up has proven adept at navigating the often esoteric world of central banking. The group has met with Yellen and Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer. It also raised pointed questions about racial diversity and ties to Wall Street during a discussion with top central bank officials at the Jackson Hole conference last year.

Sebastian compared the Fed’s 14-year appointments to those of the Supreme Court. He said he will continue to press the central bank on those issues — as well as the lawmakers responsible for confirming the Fed’s new governors.

“The entire world has shifted around us,” Sebastian said. “But our principles have remained the same on this.”

cc: Action NC, Make the Road New York, New York Communities for Change, One Pennsylvania, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), SPACES DC, Leo Gertner, Jon Green, Working Families Party, Americans for Financial Reform, Center for Popular Democracy
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