Judge orders Trump’s EPA pick to turn over more than 3,000 emails with fossil fuel companies the night before his confirmation

Anti-Labor Secretary Puzder is down, Russian Kompromat Michael Flynn is down, and today is a CRUCIAL day to take down the dangerous EPA nominee Pruitt. My folks in IOWA and COLORADO, please call Grassley and Ernst and GARDNER about this TODAY. This is from my good friend Martha Roberts who worked at EPA for years and is now with the NRC:

Scott Pruitt, EPA nominee, is terrible. This is a guy who has fought safeguards to limit mercury, limit smog, limit arsenic, limit carbon pollution – you name it. All while taking campaign contributions from the major industry interests who stand to benefit from weaker protections.

Pruitt has been coasting along under the radar while all other terrible terrible stuff has been going on for the past month. He’s smart and avoided saying crazy things about guns and grizzlies that would get him attention. He has stonewalled Senators and everyone else on requests for information and his communications with big energy interests–hoping he’ll slip through before anyone notices.

Just hours ago an Oklahoma judge called him out for “abject failure” to respond to requests for records about communications between big energy interests and his office–records people asked for two years ago. The first batch of these emails are due first thing next week. Republicans are trying to rush his vote through TODAY before this info gets out.

Can you please post the below story on Facebook, Twitter, wherever, this story and ask your friends–especially those in **Ohio** (Portman is on the fence!), IOWA, Tennessee, Colorado–to call their Senators to OPPOSE Pruitt and DELAY the vote until these emails are released? Those in New York state, tell Schumer this is a leadership moment and he needs to stand up to Republicans trying to rush this through!


We need to swamp the lines tonight. THIS IS A CRUCIAL MOMENT.
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