Iowa’s G.O.P. Statehouse Shows the Locals Who’s Boss

Remember that tired old idea that Republicans favor local control? Nah. They just favor taking money away from working people and giving it to the rich. Happening all over the country, and the latest dispatch from Iowa.

“Wielding their power to take a cudgel to local laws, Iowa’s Republican-controlled Statehouse is moving to make workers in four counties take a pay cut. Legislators plan to roll back minimum-wage laws that local governments passed to help their working-poor constituents.

“Not content with that, the Republican measure would also restrict local governments’ power to set labor regulations and civil rights protections, and would even block communities from banning plastic bags at grocery stores to protect the local environment.

“Workers in four counties that have enacted wage minimums scaled toward $10 an hour would face a pay cut back to the $7.25 state minimum in the name of what legislative leaders term a “seamless business climate.” Seamlessly impoverishing.”

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