From my brother @nvnsbstn and his wife @rachelmachmuller on how this is affecting us, our families. “Yesterday morning, I read about the devastating murder of an Indian man, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, in Olathe, Kansas. He was murdered by a racist individual who believed he didn’t belong in this country and therefore shot him. Yesterday afternoon, Nevin and I went for lunch and three white men sat down next to us. One man loudly said, “Today, I’m going to be white, racist, and drunk.” They all laughed aloud and cheered, then proceeded talking about how happy they were that Trump is president. They clearly wanted confrontation. We immediately got our check and left. It wasn’t about politely dismissing their racist comments nor about having our voices heard or standing up for what we believe in, it was about surviving. This makes my heart hurt so deeply. Racism, ignorance, hatred…staring you in the face. Normally, I would speak. I wanted to. Nevin was the logical one telling me that we need to leave before things got bad. Then, understanding in that moment, the consequence could be something bigger than what I could grasp was worth my silence. I felt so much anger, pain, sadness. But, today is a new day and we will move forward, we will love, and we will win. I will be loud today and everyday because my family is my life and my true purpose. We will survive and teach our children and their children that love trumps hate, always.”

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