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Student Loan Forgiveness Program Approval Letters May Be Invalid, Education Dept. Says

The education department is claiming it doesn’t need to honor agreements to forgive loans after 10 years of public service. And they claim their decision can have retroactive effect.

“The idea that approvals can be reversed at any time, with no explanation, is chilling for borrowers. Mr. Rudert, who graduated from law school owing nearly $135,000 on student loans, said he would have picked a different employer if he had known that his work at Vietnam Veterans of America would not qualify.”
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Trump EPA declines to ban pesticide that Obama had proposed outlawing

From @ Martha Roberts:

“[A]fter mounting scientific evidence that prenatal exposure can pose risks to fetal brain and nervous system development” EPA proposed in 2015 to ban all uses of chlorpyrifos on food.
Today EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt decided to reverse course. Information is still emerging but it appears this pesticide will continue to be allowed for use on crops including broccoli, strawberries and citrus.
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The Des Moines Register

What do folks in Iowa know about Kim Weaver? And what her chances are to unseat Steve King? I’ve heard some convincing theories that the district is so red that it would be better to primary King with a different R candidate … but does Weaver have a chance? What’s your take?
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Communities United for Police Reform (CPR)

Richard Haste shot and killed the unarmed Graham in the teen’s Bronx apartment after following him inside on the belief he had a gun. Now he’s quitting with benefits before he can get fired. Read more below.
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With GOP Plan Dead, Trump Weighs Other Ways to Reshape Health Care

The fight over healthcare was one at the local level with people turning out to tell their representatives and senators face to face that they wouldn’t sacrifice their lives for a tax cut for the rich.

But the fight’s not over. Trump and Tom Price will do everything they can to make the ACA collapse, unless we continue to fight them. There will be a whole new set of fights that will just be beginning.

“The initiative now rests with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who has vowed to review every page of regulation and guidance related to the ACA. The steps he and the administration take next could have sweeping repercussions, accomplishing some of the same types of changes Republicans were unable to push through Congress.

“The Trump administration could weaken a requirement that most Americans pay a penalty for not having insurance. It could usher in work requirements for Medicaid recipients and ease a directive that insurers cover such services as contraception. And it could also allow an end to certain subsidies that insurers get, which could quickly cause the individual markets to crater.”

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How many jobs could the AHCA cost your state?: The AHCA’s drag on potential job growth

The AHCA will kill people. The AHCA will also kill jobs. The GOP never cared about people’s lives, but Trump has made a lot of promises about jobs. But when we all pay more to health insurance companies, we have less money to spend on the things we need, which means fewer jobs for everyone. Check out this interactive map from Economic Policy Institute to see how many jobs your state and your district will lose under the AHCA. Some of the biggest job losses are in heavily Republican states and districts. Then call your representative and tell them not to kill you, not to kill your family, and not to kill jobs in your district. Tell your representative to kill this bill!

Iowa: 2022 potential job loss:10,639
New York: 2022 potential job loss:71,639

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Find Your Representative ·

From Julia Kaye:

As you probably know, the House may be voting today on a bill that would strip health insurance coverage from 24 million people in order to deliver a huge tax break to the rich. It would do lots of other awful things, too, like requiring new moms on Medicaid to find work within 60 days of giving birth or lose their health insurance.

Trump issued an ultimatum to House Republicans last night: pass this bill today, or else. That definitely increases the pressure on them, but here’s the thing: The only thing your representative cares about is whether their constituents will reward or punish them for voting yes.

Today — this morning — is a critical moment: We have an opportunity to save health care for 24 million people AND deliver an enormous defeat to Trump and the Republicans. If enough people call this morning, we WILL win. And even if your rep is a Democrat, please call anyway — we need to make sure they know that people care and people are watching.

So please, please, please pause whatever you’re doing right now to call your representative. You can find your representative using this link:

And please reach out to other people you know, especially people in Republican districts, to ask them to do the same.
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