Sessions questions DOJ reports on Ferguson, Chicago policing

I’m really disappointed that the conventional wisdom after Trump read the speech someone wrote for him is to pat him on the head and tell him he’s a good boy for not screaming racist comments. Nevermind that earlier in the day he suggested that Jews were the ones secretly calling in bomb threats to synagogues. So Trump reading off a cursory mention of the Kansas shooting inserted by a speechwriter after a week of silence doesn’t impress me.

Whatever his lip service, Trump’s DoJ, led by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, will create the legal climate that will make violent hate crimes — committed by individual gunmen and state actors — more and more common. The murder of an Indian man in the Midwest just for being brown obviously affected me personally, but I also don’t want to lose sight of the fact that Black people have been unique targets of violence by individuals and the state long before Trump ever got in office.

It would have been Trayvon Martin’s birthday just a few days ago, a 17 year old boy who was killed just for being black, and his murderer got away with it, signaling to every other racist that you can murder a black child and face no consequences. The work of people to stand up against that racism since Trayvon Martin’s death has helped bring to light how systemic these abuses continue to be and we can’t separate the recent hate crimes against Indians and Jews from the consistent barrage of fatal, institutionalized anti-Black violence that the movement for Black lives has been trying to get us to see for years.

Ignoring anti-Black racism feeds racism against Latinx, Muslims, any Brown person who generally who can be mistaken for a Muslim or an immigrant, and Jewish people. If the events of the last week horrified you, stand up with the people who have been working for years to protect Black Lives.

Stand up against Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III who wants to give license to destroying Black life and non-white, non-Christian, non-straight life, a man who wants to protect the human rights abusers, torturers, and murderers in the Chicago PD, a man who refuses to see the mountains of evidence of a system of violent pillage of black communities in Ferguson.

Trump’s words mean nothing if Trump’s DOJ refuses to punish or even acknowledge hate crimes or systemic racism.

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