Sister Diane Donoghue: The Only Saint I Ever Met

I had the honor of working for Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, the incredible organization built by Sister Diane Donoghue. She built something beautiful with the community in South LA, an organization of about 40 people, almost entirely Latina women from South LA, protecting children from lead poisoning, asthma, converting dangerous slum housing into beautiful affordable housing, providing stability for hundreds of families who could find work, send kids to consistent schools, and draw on a stable community for childcare, eldercare, and the millions of intangible benefits that affordable housing can bring. There is nothing like a fiery, determined nun. So grateful that I got to participate in her beautiful legacy with Monic Uriarte, Nancy Halpern Ibrahim, Fabiola Sandoval, and so many others.

If you’re in south la, stop by the Mercado La Paloma and eat at one of the amazing restaurants in the former sweat shop she helped turn into a non profit office space and first time entrepreneur incubator.
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