House Poised to Pass Bill Taking Aim at Dodd-Frank Regulations

Why are Republicans ignoring and dismissing Trump’s impeachable lies, coverups, and illegal retaliation? Because Republicans can forgive ANYTHING, including destruction of the country, as long as they get to take school lunch out of the mouths of children, pull medicine from people with cancer, and let the economy crash, throwing millions into poverty and impoverishing all of us. They are willing to sacrifice children, the elderly, the sick, ALL of us, so they can deliver more money to the absolute richest billionaires.

Today Comey told uninterested Republicans about Trump’s clear obstruction of justice — and the House will pass Dodd-Frank repeal later this afternoon. In a couple of days, the Senate will try to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

This isn’t a novel take, it’s just a reminder. Republicans will viciously protect every second of opportunity Trump affords them to enact their agenda: destruction in service of the rich.

Some day soon Republicans are going to distance themselves from Trump and pretend like his sins had nothing to do with them. Don’t let them.

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