How the Senate’s Health-Care Bill Threatens the Nation’s Health

This is not just a transfer of wealth, it’s a transfer of life. Republicans want us to pay for tax cuts for millionaires with dead moms, suffering children, uncared for elderly, by sacrificing years and years of the brief time we get to live.

“These bills are, in many ways, Medicaid-repeal bills masquerading as Obamacare-repeal bills. And Medicaid, remember, is not a program that the public is complaining about. It is immensely popular and works well. It provides coverage for sixty per cent of disabled children, and maternity coverage for half of pregnant women. Two-thirds of nursing-home residents end up relying on Medicaid coverage after their savings are spent. Among adult Medicaid recipients, sixty per cent work, and eighty per cent are part of working families.

“The trade-offs here are indefensible. The bill would take a trillion dollars away from health coverage for the bottom fifty per cent of the population to give a tax cut to the top two per cent.”

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