TrumpCare Ten – Hold Senator Gardner Accountable

Today is the day that Republicans are trying to force a vote that will take healthcare away from at least 20 and up to 30 million people. We don’t know the impact because they won’t even disclose what they are voting on. Colorado friends, please take a minute this morning to call Senator Cory Gardner and tell him to vote no on the motion to proceed. If the motion to proceed passes, something terrible that takes healthcare away from millions could all be law within a week.

Colorado: Call Senator Cory Gardner: (202) 224-5941
Nevin Sebastian; Regina Falange, Matt Baca, Bobby Wade, Adahisa Pena, Tyler Jaeckel, Rachel Machmuller Sebastian, Marsha Tharakan, Jan Douglass, Linh Mỹ Lâm, Stephen Goldman, Lindsey Jaeckel, Marisa Davis, Matt Parker, Marlee Ann Owens, Caitlin Teare, Michael Huisenga, Jesse Elliott, Devin Knight, Nathaniel Voelker

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