CPD Action | Keep Wall Street lawyer out of the Fed

I need your help on something not healthcare related: please click the link to get connected to your Senators to block the nomination of Randal Quarles to the Federal Reserve and save the economy. Click the link for talking points and instructions to call your Senators TODAY.

Making Quarles the nation’s top bank regulator for the next 14 years (that’s right) is like putting Putin in charge of cyber security, like putting Jeff Sessions in charge of voting rights, like putting Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA.

Trump and the GOP are breaking every democratic principle and pushing a bill that no one has seen that will kick 16 million people off of healthcare and make premiums skyrocket — all so they can deliver a tax cut for the rich. In their craven pursuit of their one goal to make the rich richer, they’re willing to do anything, including kill millions of people.

So it’s no surprise that the GOP is once again using the chaos they’ve created around healthcare to sneak through an agenda to let Wall Street run wild, to make the big banks even richer, while everyone is spinning just to keep the healthcare that keeps them alive. It’s how they cram through an agenda that enriches billionaires by putting all of us at risk. It’s part of their playbook.

On the SAME DAY that the House passed the AHCA, they also pushed Dodd-Frank repeal, the Financial CHOICE Act, through committee. Today, as our attention is focused on ACA repeal in the Senate, they are sneaking through an appointment to the Federal Reserve that will repeal Dodd-Frank through the back door — with 7 days notice. They make us fear for our lives, hoping we don’t notice they’re gambling with our livelihoods.

Randal Quarles is a self-described Wall Street lawyer who is against regulation, who never saw the crash coming, but then managed to collect billions in bailouts. He doesn’t care if deregulation results in another crash (do you remember how hard it was to find a job? How many plans of young graduates had to be deferred because there was nothing out there? Because people in their 40s were taking entry level jobs? How hard it was to get a raise? The 401ks that were wiped out? The homes we lost? The broad devastation? It was less than 10 years ago) because to Quarles, the crash didn’t mean losing his home or his job, it meant getting billions in tax payer bailouts. How do you think he is going to do as Wall Street’s watchdog?

The good news is that since this is a somewhat obscure nomination, every call is going to have a much bigger impact. Call your senators and tell them to reject Trump’s appointment of “Wall Street lawyer” Randal Quarles to the Federal Reserve. #BlockQuarles

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