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NYC Benefit 2017

This is for all my New York friends, particularly those of you who work with law firms or other businesses. The Center for Popular Democracy is hosting it’s annual gala in New York with a little help from Broadway stars Sarah Jones, Brandon Victor Dixon (Aaron Burr from Hamilton!), John Leguizamo, two actors from Fun Home, and more!

You can ask your employer to make a donation, buy a table, purchase an ad, or purchase tickets. If you think you could get your employer interested, get in contact with me at And of course if you’re individually interested in coming, you should buy a ticket!

Let me know if you’d like to get involved. The Center for Popular Democracy is doing great work and we need your support!

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111 Miles in Ten Days: Marchers Take Nonviolent Message From Charlottesville to D.C. – Rewire


Racial justice organizations such as Color of Change, the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), the Women’s March, and the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) are supporting the march. Jennifer Epps-Addison, co-executive director and president of CPD, told Rewire this is a critical moment in the country’s history.

“Many of us often have grown up thinking of what we would do if were were in the middle of the civil rights movement or if were in the middle of World War II as the Nazis were preparing for mass extermination. I think this is the moment where we are living with that reality, that potential, every single day,” she said. “For many people in this country, Charlottesville was the moment where they woke up to the very real threat of white supremacy but for tens of millions of others, we have been living with and responding to that threat for generations.”
Epps-Addison said she hopes the march is a call to action to people across the country to get off the sidelines, take a stance, and fight for their values. “We hope that people sacrificing their bodies, putting themselves on the line as they make this march towards Washington will put a spotlight on the fact that we can all do more, we can all give more to the fight for justice and freedom in this country,” she said.
She hopes the march will spur conversation about what the manifestation of white nationalism spouted by radicalized white men looks like and what it means for vulnerable groups, both nationally and globally. “That is white supremacy in action,” Epps-Addison said. “It is something that’s extremely dangerous and it is something that puts the lives of people in our community at risk.” …..
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Popular Democracy on Twitter

When you’re in a meeting and in the middle of saying something and then someone rudely interrupts you and that someone is Mark Ruffalo.

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Judge temporarily blocks immigration enforcement law

The bill was scheduled to go into effect Sept. 1, but opponents of the legislation, including the cities of Houston, Austin, San Antonio and El Cenizo, as well as Maverick and El Paso counties and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, argued the bill violates several provisions of the Constitution. Garcia’s decision means the bill is on hold until that issue is decided or until the preliminary injunction is appealed.
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Donate to the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund

From our partner organization on the ground in Houston:

The Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, Workers Defense Project, SEIU Texas, Faith in Texas (a PICO affiliate), CWA, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid and the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service have established the Harvey Community Relief Fund. This fund of organizations trusted by communities in Houston will pool resources and coordinate their distribution. In this way, we can not only make sure that the resources are used in a timely and effective manner, but that they are used to meet the needs of the most vulnerable communities as we rebuild Houston. DONATE HERE:
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Photos by Ramzes Guzman of prismatic spring in Yellowstone.
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In Jackson Wyoming for the totality. I got into it.

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