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Shawn Sebastian on Twitter

Trump decided to call out Jay-Z today on Twitter and brag about how low Black unemployment is. It’s so stupid in so many ways that I had to lay it out in a Twitter thread.

Oh and if you know Jay-Z or anyone who knows him, let’s connect. What’s better than one billionaire? One billionaire and a nerd with a bunch of graphs about persistent inequality.

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World’s richest 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017, Oxfam study finds

All that work and toil you sweated through all year at your job? 82 cents out of every dollar we created through our labor went to the 1%.

Can you imagine if the whole world — and our whole lives — wasn’t just designed to give over more money to the richest? Can you imagine the lives we could build if we got our fair share? Can you imagine the world we could build?
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Fish in the subway.

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New year’s resolutions on post it notes.

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Friday evening at the library.

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Where I ate tonight.

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This morning ICE detained Ravi Ragbir, a nationally recognized immigrant rights leader, husband, and father. He was detained in New York despite having pending legal challenges in his case and widespread support from elected officials, clergy, and the community. Please call ICE and your representatives, ESPECIALLY if you live in NY to stand up to this retaliation against activists.

Use the following script: “Hi, my name is ______ and I am calling to request that ICE release Ravi Ragbir, A# 044-248-862. Ravi was detained today in New York City. Ravi is husband, father and cherished community leader, and we need him here in the United States. I respectfully ask you to release him from detention and grant him a stay of removal.”

NYC ICE Field Director: 212-238-4530
ICE Field Office: 212-264-4213
ICE Police Office: 202-732-4292
Sen Schumer: 212-486-4430
Sen Gillibrand: 212-688-6262

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