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The GOP’s Tax-Cut Narrative Is Already Unraveling

“The most basic criticism of the GOP’s tax cut was that the boons for corporations and their shareholders would far outweigh the benefits for ordinary workers. That’s exactly what seems to be happening.”

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Just gotta pick up a few things at the store.

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🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 just some undocumented brown immigrants who can’t afford a place to stay 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Prepare to Hobble Public Sector Unions as a Gift to the GOP

The Janus case is a union busting farce directed at the last bastion of union strength: public sector unions. Devastating public sector unions (like teachers unions) will make life worse for all of us. The plaintiff at the center of the case doesn’t understand his own claim, the claim was rejected in 1977, and the only reason it’s being reconsidered is because one donor was able to hijack the judicial system with willing accomplices in the GOP Senate and Trump.

“The conservative justices can dress up their gibberish in whatever legalese they wish. The reality will remain that Janus is a partisan vehicle designed to serve partisan goals, carried across the finish line by five justices who might as well admit that the Constitution has nothing to do with it….

“Following Antonin Scalia’s unexpected death in 2016, the Judicial Crisis Network spent $7 million to ensure that President Barack Obama could not name the justice’s successor. After its success, JCN spent $10 million to help Republicans put Neil Gorsuch in Scalia’s seat. All of this money came from a single anonymous donor. With Janus, this donor is about to get what he paid for.”
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The boat with the best name is docked on a trailer with a flat tire in a parking lot in Bushwick.

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The subway was so crowded they couldn’t reach a pole. So, with both hands, they held onto each other.

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Trump hints at allowing more troops to carry personal weapons on military bases

In response to the Parkland shootings, Trump and the GOP’s only solution is to give teachers guns. Many have rebutted that the shooting at the Fort Hood military base was not prevented even with a highly trained, armed populace. This argument isn’t true because military bases are essentially “gun free zones” where only personnel authorized as law enforcement are armed. After Fort Hood the Department of Defense resisted pressure from the NRA and conservatives to allow more guns on military bases.

“But top Pentagon officials and base commanders also expressed concerns at that time about a new influx of private weapons on base, saying it could lead to confusion over official duties, more accidental shootings and an increase in suicides among struggling service members.”

The Department of Defense has limited firearms on military bases because they believe more guns on site increases the danger to the people on site. So Trump’s plan would make elementary schools more heavily armed than military bases.

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