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Lawyers: Journalist was detained by ICE because of reporting

Journalists reserving their shock and outrage for jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders lying. Any outrage left for the fellow journalist being detained and deported for reporting on ICE?

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The People For Bernie Sanders

This is another must see video from Ady Barkan. If you were in his shoes, with just a few years left to live, what would you do? Ady is criss-crossing the country fighting to rebuild our democracy. Will you join him?
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Scenes Unseen: The Summer of ’78

Public spaces, accessible for free by all people, and a gorgeous project to document the joy and struggle within them, also funded by the government.

When newspaper photographers went on strike in the 70s, they pitched the Parks Commissioner to take pictures of people in NYC parks. These photos were recently rediscovered and are at the link.

If the only work that all of us are allowed to do is the work that will make more money for people with money, then we don’t have these public spaces, we don’t have leisure to enjoy these spaces, we don’t have this work of art.

What other sites and spaces and moments of joy could we make for ourselves if our possibilities weren’t restricted to only what the market would allow?

cc: Ady Barkan, Raúl Carrillo, Rohan Grey, David Stein

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Is a Legit Villain

If you don’t know, then now you know: The Chamber of Commerce is evil.

“Last year, the Trump Labor Department—spurred on by Republicans in Congress and their business allies—indicated that it was considering a legal reclassification of worker centers that would allow the government to saddle them with costly and onerous regulations that would dilute their effectiveness. Ironically, the very thing that the Chamber of Commerce often complains that the government is doing to private business! But in this case, because low-wage workers are the ones who will be harmed, the Chamber of Commerce is leading the charge. The group has now released an entire report on this topic, arguing that worker centers are “Union Front Groups” and should be subject to the same level of regulation that unions are—even though worker centers do not engage in collective bargaining (the most important power of unions) and, in fact, only exist to serve people who are not served by unions. And the reason most of these workers are not served by unions is because of decades’ worth of Republican-sponsored hostile labor laws that see to it that it is extremely difficult for unions to serve them, no matter the need. To call a worker center a “Union Front Group” is like calling an emergency room a “Quality Health Care Front Group.” If our nation was civilized enough to give everyone the latter, the former wouldn’t need to exist.”

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How Guaranteeing Jobs Became The Hot New Policy Priority For 2020 Dems

There is just so much news around the job guarantee that it’s hard to keep up.

This is a great history to get you oriented. And if you want to dig deeper, read the brilliant work of David Stein, who has been writing about this essential history since long before Gillibrand, Booker, Kamala Harris, and Bernie (!!!) got on board.

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Opinion | The Case for a Federal Jobs Guarantee

Wow! This is a great history about the history, and potential future, of a jobs guarantee.

“What must exist in any job-guarantee program is an enforcement mechanism. The initial version of Humphrey-Hawkins allowing workers to sue for a job reminds us of the need for a strong enforcement mechanism. Without a legal requirement to provide work, lawmakers will find political excuses to not implement the program, and it will not serve as a useful solution to automation, poverty and social instability.”
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This is what a side door looks like at Rockefeller Center.

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