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Trump cancels pay raises for almost 2 million federal workers

Remember that $1 trillion tax cut? Republicans stole from working class people who are serving the public interest and handed the loot to billionaires. They do it every day in a million different ways, from cutting back veterans benefits to playing games with farmers in incoherent trade wars. Whose side are you on? Are you on the side of the person robbing you? Are you on the side of the lazy, rich billionaires taking your money from you? Are you going to let the bully take your lunch money and then suck up to him like a coward?

Or are you going to fight back?
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Inside Steve King’s fascination with Austria

Steve King could only tweet condolences to the Tibbets family because he prioritizes European Nazis over Iowans.

If King had gone to Iowa and talked with Mollie’s family, they probably would have told King to stop leveraging Mollie’s death to promote his own hateful agenda. Mollie’s father said in his eulogy, “The Hispanic community are Iowans. They have the same values as Iowans,” he said, including an emphasis on family. “As far as I’m concerned, they’re Iowans with better food.”

But King didn’t bother to find out what the Tibbets’ wishes were because he was too far away in Austria and too busy promoting Austria’s far right Nazi-associated party — as he has often does. King’s hardly ever in Iowa, his travel bills far outstrip any other member of the Iowa delegation. And King spends that disproportionate travel time promoting the global, neo-nazi agenda emerging throughout Europe.

King had to tweet his condolences because he wasn’t in Iowa, he wasn’t even in the US. King was with neo-nazis in Austria. King’s first priority isnt the Tibbets family or Iowans — King’s first priority is the promotion of an extremist far right, global agenda.

Thank you to Tracy Machovec Collins and Gina Patnaik for continuing to the research that led to this article!

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Ahead of Abbott fundraiser, a Lubbock developer says the unspeakable

Via Texas Organizing Project:

This IS how Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and his Republican colleagues do business. You donate, you get appointed to a committee or a board. Abbott is as corrupt as Trump. Vote him out! #vote #KeepResisting

“You make a large donation to the governor, and in turn you are eligible for appointment to the Board of Regents,” said developer George McMahan, referring to the Texas Tech University board.

“The assertion was one McMahan, 73, felt to be true. Indeed every board member, except the student representative, donated to Abbott’s campaign in recent years, according to a Houston Chronicle review of campaign finance data, giving a collective $1 million.”
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Family: Don’t exploit Mollie Tibbetts’ death for racist view

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The Fed should not raise interest rates until wages go up: Expert

Watch me and Marshall Steinbaum talk to Steve Liesman on Power Lunch on CNBC about how corporate concentration has upended the basic assumptions the Fed relies on to raise interest rates. Monopolies hold down wages, and that means the Fed can let unemployment go a lot lower than it is now. The Federal Reserve shouldn’t raise rates until wages rise to meet productivity.

Also, on the first question, I had to explain how I’m different from Donald Trump.

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The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant

My thoughts are with the family of Mollie Tibbetts during this awful tragedy. Mollie’s murder is horrifying and as her family grieves I hope with time that they can find some peace.

People are already rushing to politicize this tragedy to disingenuously push an inhumane immigration agenda. Mollie’s murder had nothing to do with her murderer’s immigration status. Overall immigrants are less likely to be violent criminals than people in the US.

Men are the greatest danger to women. Murder, domestic violence, sexual violence and seemingly random attacks like this one are rooted in patriarchy that dehumanizes women. In our culture men are entitled to terrorize, abuse, and kill women, mostly without consequence.

Cynically using Mollie’s murder as leverage to perpetuate the traumas of an inhumane immigration policy will do nothing to prevent deaths like Mollie’s, because the root cause has nothing to do with immigration.

If we want to prevent murders like Mollie’s we need to fight back against disgusting political ploys that distract us from the addressing the true root cause of her death: a patriarchy that condones and perpetuates violence against women.
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