Planet Money

Planet Money really, really loves Fed Up’s t-shirts. They came to Jackson Hole to do one of their (surprisingly) rare episodes on monetary policy and Fed Up featured prominently, with our t-shirts basically providing a thematic throughline. They asked a bunch of high profile economists to comment — and everyone they talked to agreed with the t-shirt.

Some people like Ramzes Guzman complain that Fed Up has the nerdiest t-shirts in all of social justice, but you gotta know your audience.

The graph is made famous by Economic Policy Institute and Larry Mishel and has been a guiding force throughout our campaign.

Let me know if you want one of our famous shirts. I’ve got a box full of bright green XXL “Reappoint Yellen” shirts I need to unload.

cc: Fed Up: The National Campaign for a Strong Economy, Downtown Boys, Center for Popular Democracy, Roosevelt Institute, Marshall Steinbaum, Action NC, OURWalmart, New York Communities for Change, Nse Ufot, New Georgia Project, CPD Action, Lia Weintraub, Leah Silver, Jules Peter, Michael De Los Santos, Maggie Corser
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