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Remembering these while we still have them.

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Astor Place in the snow

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Astor Place cube in the snow.

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Still Processing – Podcasts – The New York Times

Saw Black Panther last night, and, after trying to avoid all media and spoilers before I saw it, now I’m diving in. Still Processing with Jenna Wortham and Wesey Morris is one of my favorite podcasts in general and today they have Ta-Nehisi Coates on as their guest to talk Black Panther.

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Data: Latinos in Iowa City faced worst US bias in home loans

When there isn’t public funding to enforce the rules, they know it and discriminate with impunity.

“Latinos seeking conventional home loans in the Iowa City, Iowa, area were nearly four times more likely to be denied than non-Hispanic whites in 2016, the widest disparity in the nation, a new analysis of federal data shows.

“The findings suggest racial inequality in the mortgage market in the progressive college town and appear driven by a high rate of rejections for prospective Latino borrowers reported by a single financial institution, Hills Bank, according to the analysis of millions of records by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting.

“Kristin Johnson, director of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, said discriminatory lending is “definitely a concern” but the agency doesn’t have enough funding to investigate.”

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One Pennsylvania

Listen to Erin Kramer and the workers at One Pennsylvania: these companies have no excuse, they can and must provide predictable schedules to all their employees:

“If Target can predict when their customers will need prenatal vitamins, if Cheesecake Factory can get to zero food waste with 43 menu items, if Amazon can manage just in time deliveries—then all of those companies can provide predictable schedules to their employees.”

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The Stock Market Swings Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Our Rigged Economy

When the threat of slightly higher wages and reclaiming a little bit more of the economic pie causes a stock market crash, our system is broken. The Fed makes sure enough of us are unemployed and have flat wages to maintain the balance of power.

“The recent Dow Jones fluctuations have very little to do with a legitimate fear of inflation. The stock market panicked largely because CEOs and shareholders fear that they’re losing their upper hand over a workforce that’s cutting increasingly into their record profits. The Fed’s response to that may well be worse for the average American than anything that happens on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange: It may throw workers who are already hurting under the bus in the name of a stopping something — inflation — that’s nowhere to be found. There’s an outsized chance it could even trigger another recession, as more dramatic rate hikes have been known to do in the past.

“Like most economic policymaking, the job of the Fed is to adjudicate who gets to hold power in the economy and society writ large, ostensibly in the public interest. If the Fed raises interest rates in the coming weeks and months, its answer will be clear.”

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