On my way to work I frequently dodge music video productions, Street art tours of French tourists, and this, a Japanese modeling shoot involving silver pants.

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Trump administration strips consumer watchdog office of enforcement powers in lending discrimination cases

Just disgusting. Trump is making it so no consequences or punishment can fall on payday lenders who steal from poor people, auto lenders who discriminate against Black people, and banks who continue redlining. He’s making it easier for con-men, scam-artists, and crooks to steal from you and me. As if they needed more help.

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Shawn Sebastian on Twitter

Trump decided to call out Jay-Z today on Twitter and brag about how low Black unemployment is. It’s so stupid in so many ways that I had to lay it out in a Twitter thread.

Oh and if you know Jay-Z or anyone who knows him, let’s connect. What’s better than one billionaire? One billionaire and a nerd with a bunch of graphs about persistent inequality.

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World’s richest 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017, Oxfam study finds

All that work and toil you sweated through all year at your job? 82 cents out of every dollar we created through our labor went to the 1%.

Can you imagine if the whole world — and our whole lives — wasn’t just designed to give over more money to the richest? Can you imagine the lives we could build if we got our fair share? Can you imagine the world we could build?
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Fish in the subway.

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New year’s resolutions on post it notes.

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Friday evening at the library.

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