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Walking the halls of the house building with Center for Popular Democracy and many more allies to stop the #goptaxscam. I am going to take arrest along with dozens of other people who are in wheelchairs, are sick, who have very little time and are using their time to get arrested to stop millions from losing healthcare, education and much more.

It’s not over. Please call your reps and every republican rep in your state to stop this disaster today!
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Grassley Implies Working Class Spends Tax Cuts On “Booze Or Women Or Movies” – Iowa Starting Line

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Sahil Kapur on Twitter

No vote on the tax bill tonight! Gotta keep those phone lines lit through tonight and tomorrow! (more in comments)

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Calls to Kill Trump’s Tax Scam

This Tax Plan is insane. It’s going to hurt all of us. People who are sick, grad students, kids, anyone who isn’t a millionaire. I’m making calls right now to voters in Arizona, patching them through to Jeff Flake’s office. You can get connected to folks in key states that could stop the bill by using Indivisible Guide’s tool linked below. It takes less than 5 min to get set up and we need as much help as we can get!

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Washington Post

That’s Jennifer Flynn Walker getting yelled at by Lindsey Graham, “Can you get this lady out of my hair?” It’s a lot easier for Senators like Graham to take away our healthcare to pay for a corporate tax cut if we would just “Go away.” Be like Jen, don’t go away. Keep calling!
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Colored cellophane stained glass.

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