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From Accusatory Questions to Accountability in the Fight Against Workplace Sexual Harassment and Abuse – Ms. Magazine Blog

The #metoo and Time’s Up movements are changing the way that we respond to sexual violence and discrimination. JoEllen Chernow has developed a necessary complement to the analysis: the economic drivers of patriarchy. The innovation is to follow the money, evaluate how corporations create a culture where harassment is tolerated, and demand accountability in the form of resources going to directly affected women. Read her story in this article and check out https://ift.tt/2xymS0n.

“As employees and consumers, we deserve to know whether corporations require non-disclosure agreements or forced arbitration; whether they have clear reporting mechanisms; and the percentages of women, people of color and LGBTQ people in their leadership—as well as whether they are paid comparably to their white, male counterparts.”
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Landmark Violence Against Women Act may expire while Congress tends to other business

As the calendar rapidly shrinks, Republicans will make time to ram through a man credibly accused of rape to rule on women’s rights for the rest of his life … and they may not make time for the Violence Against Women Act and let it expire.

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Christine Blasey Ford is Moving Out of Her Home Due to Death Threats

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Republican Governor Thinks $40,000 Is Too Much To Pay Teachers, Vetoes Minimum Salary

The monster, Bruce Rauner.

Does your Republican Governor think any differently?
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Latino Rebels

Dr. Blasey is doing an incredibly courageous thing for all of us. For all women who want to maintain their bodily autonomy, for all workers who’ve ever been hurt by their bosses, for all of us who value the right to vote and the ability to hold our elected officials accountable.

Once again, enormous thanks to the 200 mostly women protestors who pushed to keep the door ajar when everyone thought it was going to swing shut. Dr. Blasey didn’t divulge her story partly because she thought Kavanaugh’s confirmation was a foregone conclusion. As things developed, she came to the conclusion that her story could make a difference. Now the vote out of committee is being postponed, something that no one thought would ever happen, and Dr. Blasey would be heard. If there had been no protests, this would have never happened.

Thank you to Jennifer Flynn Walker, Jennifer Epps-Addison, Tracey Corder, Jules Peter, Winnie Wong, and everyone else for bringing us here!
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Why You Should Engage in Nonviolent Civil Disobedience on Thursday

Ady Barkan and Rev.William Barber have a message for you: join them to stop Kavanaugh by signing up at bitly.com/nokavanaugh

“Imagine what will happen when hundreds of people descend upon the Senate at 9 AM on Thursday for that hearing. Imagine if wave upon wave of protesters say “no” to sexual violence, “no” to corporate control of the economy, and “no” to Kavanaugh. Imagine if the hallways overflow with nonviolent resistance fighters. They will not be able to overcome the moral force of our voices.

“We know that you have important obligations on Thursday. A big meeting at the office. Your daughter’s basketball game. A long scheduled dinner. A family member who needs your help.

“But we also know that this nominee will do tremendous damage to you and your loved ones for years to come. He will harm your health, your financial security, your children’s safety. A Justice Kavanaugh would send a horrendous message to every victim of sexual violence—and every perpetrator as well. Kavanaugh will harm your community, your country, your democracy.

“You may think of civil disobedience as something that activists do. And you’re not that kind of person. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. American society is under unprecedented threat. If our children’s children are going to grow up in a democracy, it will be because our generation took responsibility for preserving it. All of the great social movement victories in our history were the result of ordinary people deciding to leave their comfort zone and step out into the light of collective action. We need you to make that leap now.”

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Bloomberg May Run for President as a Democrat. His Views on Policing and #MeToo Could Be a Problem.

What can we do to stop this before it starts?

“[Bloomberg] criticized liberal Democrats’ attitude toward big business, endorsing certain financial regulations but singling out a proposal by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts to break up Wall Street banks as wrongheaded. He also defended his mayoral administration’s policy of stopping people on the street to search them for guns, a police tactic that predominantly affected black and Latino men, as a necessary expedient against crime.

“The stuff I read about is disgraceful — I don’t know how true all of it is,” Mr. Bloomberg said of the #MeToo movement.”

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