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Bernie Sanders to unveil plan to guarantee every American a job

Get ready. Mainstream 2020 candidates like Gillibrand and booker expressed their support for a job guarantee and now Sanders is laying out some goal posts. This is the beginning of something TRANSFORMATIVE.

The work of Stephanie Kelton, Darrick Hamilton, Sandy Darity, Jr., Pavlina R. Tcherneva, and more and the tireless evangelism of Raúl Carrillo and Rohan Grey and all the folks at The Modern Money Network made this political moment happen. And they’ve made converts of so many of us, including Ady Barkan and me.

Now let’s build the political movement and constituency to get the best version of a job guarantee a reality.
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Step into my office. How we’ll remodel as soon as @gregorybasta leaves. #frontofficelyfe

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Me: why the sign? Fireman: it’s our favorite movie Me: better than the first one? Fireman: wait — there’s a Ghostbusters ONE?!?!

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Opposites attract

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Ady Barkan is asking YOU to #BeAHero.

Ady Barkan is one of the smartest, most tenacious campaigners I’ve ever met. But his activism since he’s been diagnosed with ALS has been like nothing I’ve ever seen. If you want to fight the rise of fascism, bet on Ady.

Watch this video and donate to BeaHeroFund.com.


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When did @jennyholzer start a moving company?

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Step into my office.

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