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Giving one hour notice to employees on whether or not they have to work a shift is unfair and prevents people from planning their lives, taking care of their families, and pursuing other opportunities. Retail workers deserve schedules they can count on.

Sign the petition and tell L Brands to end on-call shifts in all their stores – not just Victoria’s Secret! #OurTimeCounts
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About 30 working people delivered an invitation to the NY Fed today demanding a meeting with president William Dudley. After 4 months of being ignored, we FINALLY got an email from Fed staff to set up a meeting about 20 minutes into our protest. It’s a start. But I have to wonder: does Goldman Sachs have to protest to get a meeting? #whatrecovery?

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Greece’s solidarity movement: ‘it’s a whole new model – and it’s working’

“One family, there are six people surviving on the grandmother’s pension of €400 a month,” said Mavronikolas. “Another, they’ve lived without running water for two months. We help them, yes, but now they are also involved in our campaign, helping others. People have become activated in this crisis. They are less isolated.”

“All these projects, it’s very important to me, are not just helping people who need it, but they represent almost the start of a new kind of society,” Katerini said. “They are run as direct democracies, with no hierarchy. They are about people taking responsibility for their lives, putting their skills to use, becoming productive again.”
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Only for @bexklaver would I seal myself into a Rosé Booze Cruise.

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Victoria’s Secret Is Getting Rid Of On-Call Scheduling In Stores

Thanks to some of the amazing work by Rise Up and Erin Hurley sharing her story, Victoria’s Secret is ending unfair on-call scheduluing! If Victoria’s Secret can do it, the whole retail sector can do it! Great job Erin, Nelini Stamp and Shabnam Bashiri!

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What these workers want to tell the Federal Reserve

The New York Fed Up Coalition — Make the Road New York, New York Communities for Change, New Economy Project, and Center for Popular Democracy — will be protesting in front of the New York Federal Reserve tomorrow at 10 am. This article gives an overview of where the coaltion is so far: who in the most important economic decision making body in the US is willing to hear from working families and who refuses to even deign to acknowledge the existence of working people. Surprise: the NY Fed President, who came to the Fed after 20 years at Goldman Sachs and sits in an armored fortress in the heart of Wall Street would prefer to pretend like we don’t exist. That’s why we’re getting in the streets! If you’re in NYC, you could totally join us!

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Zebra truck.

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