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Fed Up Victory 06192017

Janet Yellen repeatedly shot down this idea because it was too radical. But that was before Fed Up organized prominent economists in the ivory tower and workers in the streets to challenge the underlying logic of Fed decisions.

Larry Mishel, the President of the Economic Policy Institute says, “This is an amazing accomplishment … The results Fed Up has achieved were impossible to imagine four years ago.”

Read more about how Fed Up got the Federal Reserve to committing to change it’s 2% inflation target, the core benchmark that drives it’s decisions. Press hits from the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, NPR, local TV, and more, along with some great pictures!
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The real reason Republicans can’t answer simple questions about their health care bill

“In 2009, Democrats had an easy answer to what the Affordable Care Act was meant to do: they wanted to cover more people and cut costs….

In 2017, Republicans have a similarly easy answer for their bill: they want to cover fewer people and use the savings to fund tax cuts for the wealthy. That is what their legislation does. But they can’t give that answer because it’s a horribly unpopular position.”
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America’s Massive Retail Workforce Can’t Be Ignored

This is an amazing deep dive into the work of the Fair Workweek Initiative, Carrie Gleason, Elianne Farhat, Rachel Deutsch!

A new national poll shows that THREE IN FOUR people support #FairWorkweek policies that promote predictable, full-time work hours for working people. It’s time to guarantee we all have #SchedulesThatWork so we can balance taking care of our families, going to school, and earning a paycheck that covers the bills. =

“There’s this sense that a factory job is a good job and retail jobs are not. An industrial factory job used to be literally the worst, most dangerous job you could have.”
The labor movement paid more attention to factory workers than to retail workers in its heyday, with the result that retail jobs are becoming scarcer without having ever achieved the standards that unions won for manufacturing workers. Carrie Gleason notes that even during moments like the famous Woolworth’s strike, where women retail workers emulated the Flint autoworkers and held a sit-down strike for raises, union recognition, and the eight-hour day, “they had to prove that women could organize. That was the debate that was happening then. I think it still resonates today.”

“Working people today have far more political power than they do industry power.”
The attempts to change the policy show that, Gleason says, “Working people today have far more political power than they do industry power.” The Fight for $15 began as a demand for raises and a union from big fast-food employers, not as a minimum wage campaign, but it has largely calculated its victories in ordinances, not union contracts.

“When you think about how long it took to get to $15 on the minimum wage or how long it took to get traction on the paid sick days, the rapid progression of fair workweek policies has been pretty unprecedented,” Gleason says.
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National Police Violence Map

From Samuel Sinyangwe:

“1,155 people killed by police in 2016
13 cases where officer was charged
ZERO convicted to date

“The data only permit two explanations: either police never break the law or system is broken. Broken system is the only reasonable position.

“Broken in the sense that systems should have some measure of accountability. It could easily be argued the system is working as designed.”



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Minnesota Officer Acquitted in Killing of Philando Castile

What does it take?

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We asked 8 Senate Republicans to explain what their health bill is trying to do

These are not gotcha questions. These are basic questions that Republicans cannot answer about their secret healthcare bill.

1. Name a problem this bill will solve.
2. Explain how this bill will solve that problem.

They can’t answer these questions because these questions because the only answers are:

1. Rich people don’t have enough money.
2. Let the rest of us die.

That’s why they’re keeping this bill secret. We can’t let that work.

I’m calling both my D NY Senators again today to tell them to filibuster by amendment (more in comments) and I’m calling both R IA Senators on behalf of my Senators to tell them to not vote for the bill.

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Who could lose from state health benefit limits

Here’s another daily reminder to CALL YOUR Senators about Healthcare:

Tell your Republican Senators to vote against the bill.
Tell your Democratic Senators to withhold consent on all Senate business until Republicans agree to hold a public hearing on TrumpCare.

If you think this won’t affect you because you have a job and healthcare — your healthcare and life may still be put in danger by Republican Senators to deliver a tax cut to the rich. Here’s why:

“Why it could happen: The Affordable Care Act bans lifetime and annual limits, but only for the 10 categories of “essential health benefits” defined in the law. If a state decides that, say, prescription drugs or maternity care aren’t essential benefits anymore, insurers can bring back annual and lifetime limits for them.

“Why it could spread beyond those states: Large employers that operate in several states can choose which state they want to use as the basis for their benefits. So if an employer operates in 15 states, and one of them has a waiver from ACA benefit rules, it can set all of its benefits based on that state.”

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