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I’ve shared this the last several Indigenous Peoples Days (fuck Columbus).

New advances in archaeology point to evidence that Western Hemisphere was more advanced agriculturally and supported bigger populations than Europe at the time of colonial encounter and that massive phenomenon like the Great Plains and the Amazon may actually be human creations — the greatest works of art in human history.

If you haven’t read this, read it! It’s fascinating.

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How Organizations Are Fighting to Bring Relief to Puerto Rico

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CPD Demands Trump Administration to Stop Control Over Aid

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Activist: U.S. Response to Puerto Rico “Lifts the Veil of Colonialism” & 119 Years of Exploitation

Listen to this important interview with my amazing co-worker Xiomara Paola about Puerto Rico and the legacy of colonialism.
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Lost weekend: How Trump’s time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria

Our president is completely incapable of the most basic functions, as this tick-tock of his response to Puerto Rico shows.

REQUEST: do you know anyone with a private plane? My organization, the Center for Popular Democracy, is trying to get supplies to Puerto Rico. Please see below for a link to donate and comment if you have a lead on a plane!

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Opinion | The sad suspicion about Trump’s shameful treatment of Puerto Rico

“Suppose that the entire San Diego metropolitan area had lost electrical power, and it wouldn’t be restored for months.

Or, suppose that most of the ports, roads and cellular towers in the Seattle metropolitan area had been destroyed, and a major dam had failed.

Or, that most of the homes in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota were either damaged or destroyed in one day.

Or, that the combined populations of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont had seen much of their forests and agricultural land wiped out.

Or, that the residents of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming — combined — had lost access to food and clean water, leaving them vulnerable to cholera. And imagine that overflowing hospitals, without power, had no capacity to deal with an outbreak.

Now, imagine that in response to any of these scenarios, the president of the United States variously ignored the plight of the affected Americans (in all of the above cases about 3.4 million people, give or take), blamed them for their own troubles and provided inadequate help. This is precisely what is happening right now to the 3.4 million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico, an island territory more populous than about 20 states. Hurricane Maria essentially wiped out these Americans’ ports, roads, electricity, communications, water supply and crops and many homes. Yet, a week after the storm, the response from the American mainland has been paltry.”
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Puerto Rican Debt Holders Respond to Catastrophic Hurricane by Offering Puerto Rico More Debt

Remember these names: the people who drove Puerto Rico into debt, now that people don’t have water, food, or fuel, aren’t offering debt relief or even donations — they’re only offering more debt.
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