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Please share widely! And then call your Senators and Reps this weekend. Ady Barkan is my friend and truly inspiring, brilliant co-worker. He is 33 years old, he has a 2 year old son, and last year he was diagnosed with ALS. The #GOPTaxScam is personal for him because his life depends on it not passing. The remaining moments he gets to spend with his son depends on it not passing. By a miracle, this brilliant mind with so much at stake was on the same plane as Senator Jeff Flake and he was able to have an impassioned debate with him.

This fight isn’t over! Ady isn’t giving up and neither should we. Call your Reps and Senators and then call the targeted Reps and Senators in the comment below!
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flake and ady plane.mp4

This is a MUST WATCH. Senator Jeff Flake confronted by a man suffering from ALS on the flight from DC to Phoenix about his support for the #GOPTaxScam, #DACA, and Children’s Insurance.

On Tuesday Ady Barkan and I got arrested to protest the #GOPTaxScam at an action organized by Jennifer Flynn Walker and many others. For Ady the civil disobedience was deeply personal. At this time last year Ady was 32 years old, perfectly healthy, with a 6 month old baby boy. Then he was diagnosed with ALS and now just one short year later he struggles to walk with a cane and will likely depend on Medicaid to be on a ventilator that will keep him alive.

Yesterday, on his way home, Ady just happened to be on the same flight as Republican AZ Senator Jeff Flake, who supports the bill, but who has stood up to Trump in a fiery speech on the Senate floor about regular order. Ady spoke to Flake for 11 minutes (video below) trying to convince him to vote no on the tax bill in one of the most powerful examples of advocacy I’ve ever seen. Ady also just happens to be the founder of Fed Up, a campaign for full employment and a strong economy, and the best possible person to go toe to toe against Flake’s talking points.

Please watch to the end, it’s incredibly powerful. Ady implores Flake to make his votes match his principles and tells him he could be a hero, to think about how he’ll feel on his death bed when he thinks back on this conversation with Ady and reflects on how he voted on this bill.

And of course CALL YOUR REPS AND SENATORS. Collins is a maybe and I think we can get Flake too. Nothing is over just yet. Ady is putting his body on the line, so we can definitely make some calls!

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Steve King on Twitter

The representative for my hometown, Ames, IA and the current representative of my Indian parents just retweeted a statement by a far-right xenophobic Hungarian prime minister, “Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one,” with his own commentary, “Diversity is not our strength.”

My dad fixed bridges across Iowa for decades with the Iowa Department of Transportation, my mom taught pre-school to kids with disabilities at a public school. My brother and I worked at the public library, volunteered, went to school in state, and worked in university medical research facilities. Steve King thinks my family made Iowa worse.

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US tax reform will benefit shareholders more than workers

And this from the Financial Times: the tax plan will benefit Wall Street, not workers. Even the corporations and their mouthpieces aren’t bothering to hide the real impact.
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Republican officials say targeting welfare programs will help spur economic growth

You know this is class warfare because Republicans are targeting people who aren’t rich to die.

Republicans are giving $1.5 Trillion away so the children of the idle rich don’t have to work, just like their parents, and now they want to take food away from children, the elderly, and disabled. It’s telling that when republicans see a problem of too many people not working the obvious solution of providing more jobs doesn’t occur to them. Republicans think poor children and the disabled are just lazy and starving and taking away their medicine is just the motivation they need. They want the poorest and most vulnerable to suffer more and then die.

“Trump and the Republican Party are waging vicious class warfare against the working families of this country,” Sanders said. “After providing a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the top 1 percent and large corporations, they will now attempt to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, nutrition programs and help for the poorest and most vulnerable Americans. This is an outrageous and immoral set of priorities.”
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Center for American Progress

On average 29,800 more people would be uninsured in EACH congressional district by 2025 under the GOP Senate bill.

Please do what you can to save literally tens of thousands of your neighbors. Call your Reps and call your Senators. Today, tomorrow, and every day until we kill this bill. #GOPTaxScam
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Local Progress

Listen to Ady Barkan speak about why he got arrested today.
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