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Elizabeth Warren has a plan to save capitalism

She’s running. What do people think of this idea?

Require businesses over $1 billion give 40% of their board seats to workers, require all political contributions to be approved by 75% of the board, take a huge chunk out of corporate pay, and distribute more money to workers, and more. But businesses are still the main driver of the economy, as opposed to something like the job guarantee, that would expand work options for democratically determined priorities. Or could these work together?

“If imposing stakeholder responsibilities on businesses and requiring half of the seats at the biggest firms to be elected by workers pushed the S&P 500’s Q ratio down to German levels, share prices could fall by 25 percent. For the vast majority of people who earn the majority of their income by working for wages, cheaper stock would be offset by higher pay and more rights at work.

“But for billionaires with huge stock holdings — and for CEOs with compensation packages tied to share price performance — it would be a disaster. If they thought the idea stood a snowball’s chance in hell of happening, rich people would denounce it to anyone who would listen — and since executives and major investors enjoy privileged access to the media, their denunciations would be heard.

“Indeed, it seems likely that literally trillions of dollars of paper stock market wealth could be eliminated by weakening shareholder hegemony in this way. But as economist Ed Wolff has shown, that lost wealth is owned overwhelmingly by a small minority of the overall population.

“In exchange, the laboring majority would make important gains.”

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Terry Branstad urges patience in China trade talks; says tough people can overcome tough times

Are farmers “tough” enough to lose 30%+ of their income? It’s funny how rich people measure “tough”ness by how much you let them steal from you.
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Cities’ Offers for Amazon Base Are Secrets Even to Many City Leaders

They don’t want you to know because then maybe you would ask for the money they offered Amazon.

How many teachers could you pay with that Amazon giveaway money? What about universal pre-K? Affordable housing?

“Across the country, the search for HQ2, as the project has been nicknamed, is shrouded in secrecy. Even civic leaders can’t find out what sort of tax credits and other inducements have been promised to Amazon. And there is a growing legal push to find out, because taxpayers could get saddled with a huge bill and have little chance to stop it.”
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Dinosaurs: The Making of TV’s Saddest, Strangest Sitcom Finale

Anyone remember this?

“From workplace sexual harassment to masturbation and sexual awakening to homosexuality and homophobia, [the show] Dinosaurs took aim at a lot of taboo subjects before it killed all its characters in that climate-change apocalypse … ‘As long as the Baby hit his father over the head with a pot, we could use that to hide anything.’”

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Cuomo Prime Time

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Medicare for all and free college for all: “Every other developed nation in the world does this, why can’t we? Write blank checks for war and tax cuts for the rich. Nobody asks the GOP how they are going to pay for it. So my question is, why are our pockets only empty when it comes to education and healthcare for all of our kids? We seen to only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right things to do. But when it comes to tax cuts for millionaires and unlimited war, we invent the money very easily.”

I had the privilege of seeing ocasio-cortez yesterday at a church in the Bronx at an event with Ady Barkan and Be A Hero. She invited half a dozen unions to speak for over an hour for a standing room only crowd, dropping with sweat in 100 degree heat and everyone stayed until they could hear her. When she was done, people rushed to get like she was a Beatle. I’ve never seen any politician speak with such vision and clarity on these issues, and people are so hungry for it.
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The Trump Administration Finds A New Way To Hand Banks Even More Money

The Trump administration just decided that “financial services” doesn’t include Banks. Why? To hand them another enormous tax cut.

Do you see them bending over backwards, opening up loopholes, and pulling every trick in the book to give us more pay? Nah. That’s just for the banks.

To almost all White people: they don’t give a shit about you. The whole scam is to funnel money to the tiniest fraction of the richest one percent. And that’s not you. Jeff Bezos doesn’t have a seat on his space ship for you. T. Boone Pickens isn’t going to donate the water he’s buying to you. You’re going to die just as starved, sick, and burned up as the rest of us. If you think you’re protecting yourself by voting Republican, look at who is actually getting the money. It’s not me, but it’s not you either.

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Opinion | Trump and Stephen Miller are now targeting legal immigrants. This will get uglier.

They came for the people here legally

Then they came for …

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