August 18, 2017 – Downtown Boys at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, IA

Everyone I know in Des Moines (or within driving distance of Des Moines) I can guarantee you that you there is no better Friday night than seeing the Downtown Boys LIVE and the force of nature that is Victoria Ruiz! Go tomorrow for an incredible show and years in the future you’ll be telling people, “I was there, man!”

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The Maria Bamford Show – 01 – Dropout

Very, very excited to see one of my favorite comedians, tonight Maria Bamford!

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My Republican Colleagues Must Condemn Racist Violence And Recommit Themselves To Peacefully Passing Racist Laws

When the actual fake news is realer than the news-news. As Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions, and others in the GOP “condemn” white supremacists, they’re leaving a second clause silent.

“I am urging my Republican colleagues to condemn this racist violence and recommit themselves to peacefully passing racist laws …

“The sooner our party can agree that this intolerance-fueled bloodshed has no place in our society, the sooner we can get back to civilly chipping away at the voting rights of minorities through our political system like normal.”
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Staff Attorney for Workers’ Rights and Economic Justice

Young lawyers! Center for Popular Democracy is hiring a Staff Attorney for Workers’ Rights and Economic Justice. Please see details at the link below:

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Rich CEOs are the big winners of Trump’s race war

Breaking: white supremacy ))(( capitalism forever.

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Maximum Ames

The confederacy is everywhere, including Iowa. Steve King, the representative for my hometown keeps a confederate flag on his desk and is a vocal supporter of resurgent nazi movements in Europe — stretching as far as possible to find common cause with white supremacists. Charlottesville isn’t fringe. White supremacists like US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Kris Kobach, Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and many many more are in the highest levels of government pushing white supremacist policies — making it as hard as possible for Black and Latinx people to vote, putting as many Black and Latinx people in cages as possible, restricting access to education. Charlottesville isn’t fringe. Its in power. It’s everywhere.
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Still fighting the confederacy under monument to the Union army.

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