In the Fight to Save Healthcare, the Heroes Ride on Wheelchairs—and Wear Pink

Jennifer Flynn Walker writes how every day we’ve had healthcare since Jan. 20 is because of the brave, tireless work of women, people with disabilities, queer people, and people of color who are doing their damnedest to save this country from itself. Read her amazing piece.

“The media promptly credited the three recalcitrant Republicans who had balked at backing the bill—Senators John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski—with sealing its demise. But as I looked around the cheering crowd at a victory party on the Capitol lawn—as I scanned the crowd of activists with their canes and wheelchairs, the many, many women, the veteran HIV/AIDS warriors who’d shown up for the fight—it occurred to me that media was missing the story, again.”

“I’m always hesitant to make gendered statements, but it became glaringly obvious to me that the resistance to the Trump administration—and to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act more particularly—was being powered by women. At nearly every training, the ratio of women to men was notably lopsided—as many as ten to one. At a training in Tampa, Florida, I counted 97 women and one man … Notably, though, the men who showed up were predominantly queer or living with HIV/AIDS. Our actions also saw a relatively large number of transgender individuals.”

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The Dangerous Myth of ‘Taxpayer Money’

Our government is writing huge blank checks to the military industrial complex and the richest millionaires and billionaires. Supposedly “fiscally conservative” Republicans just voted to blow a $1.5 TRILLION dollar hole in the budget, because they know it doesn’t matter, that the rhetoric of balanced budgets is just a tool to use when it’s convenient for taking healthcare and benefits from poor people but can be ignored if there’s an opportunity to buy more unnecessary bombers and make the ruling rich even more disgustingly richer.

The reaction most Democrats have had is “Nah nah boo. You said one thing and did the opposite! Gotcha!” and then eagerly adopting the bogus frame of Republicans, trying to pose as the true fiscally responsible ones, as if anyone cares.

But what if instead we said, “If you’re writing blank checks, I want some too. I don’t want blank checks for bombs and oligarchs. I want blank checks for healthcare, for education, for free daycare, for clean energy, for a job guarantee, for the things we actually need.”

If Republicans want to so brazenly expose the lie of caring about deficits, let’s not rush in to pretend to care about what they’ve already admitted is bullshit. Let’s think big and use this opportunity to say, “You are admitting that there is absolutely no excuse for why we shouldn’t have everything we need. And we want it now.”

This article by Raúl Carrillo and Jesse Alexander Myerson is a great starting point on a wealth of thinking that they (and Rohan Grey) recently exposed me to through their group the Modern Money Network ( I’m just dipping my toe in, but especially at this moment, it’s been really great exploring.
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Here’s how much New Yorkers hate slow walkers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: New Yorkers actually aren’t rude. If you’re the one getting in the way of literally 100s of people, you’re the one being rude. Slow walkers: OUTTA OUR WAY.
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That’s my co-worker Tracey Corder talking about her petition to get Kaepernick to the Packers!
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From the “free” bin. Anyone have a DVD player?

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I’ve shared this the last several Indigenous Peoples Days (fuck Columbus).

New advances in archaeology point to evidence that Western Hemisphere was more advanced agriculturally and supported bigger populations than Europe at the time of colonial encounter and that massive phenomenon like the Great Plains and the Amazon may actually be human creations — the greatest works of art in human history.

If you haven’t read this, read it! It’s fascinating.

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How Organizations Are Fighting to Bring Relief to Puerto Rico

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