CPD Action

Listen to Marisol Barbosa’s story, and join her and hundreds of Puerto Rican families in Washington DC on Tuesday, March 20th for a day of action, including rally @ FEMA and actions inside the halls of congress.

If you’re in NYC, there are seats still available in a bus leaving on Tuesday March 20th at 6:30am from SEIU 32BJ (25 West 18th Street).

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5 years with this one and peanut.

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This Is What Record-Low Unemployment Looks Like in America

As part of Fed Up: The National Campaign for a Strong Economy, I’ve been fighting for lower unemployment, higher demand for labor, and more worker power. And now I find out that the lowest unemployment rate in the country is in my hometown of Ames, IA.

What if the whole country was like Ames (a thought I’ve had more than once)? Ames has an unemployment rate of 1.5% and there are other pockets profiled here that have extremely low unemployment rates. What you see is people who are just starting getting trained on the job, people who haven’t had a job getting pulled into the workforce, and others — like the homeless and formerly incarcerated — finally getting a fair chance instead of being totally written off.

This is the world that the Federal Reserve is trying to steer us away from by raising rates and stopping job growth. A world where workers have enough power to leave a job for a better job. Where people who have been shut out of employment finally get a chance in.

“Businesses have pulled in workers from the sidelines—including retirees, immigrants, and the homeless … Some have raised pay considerably for certain jobs, but so far there are no signs of an overall wage explosion. That should embolden those at the Federal Reserve who want to raise interest rates slowly to give growth a chance.”

I guess that’s why I do what I do. To build a world that’s more like Ames.


cc: Ady Barkan, Center for Popular Democracy, Fed Up: The National Campaign for a Strong Economy
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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Who looked at the last 10 years, after the Big Banks made 8.7 million of us get fired, kicked 9 million of us out of our homes, and then got bigger and richer as a result (and no one went to jail) and thought — you know what? Those big banks have it rough. They’ve suffered long enough, let’s let them act the way they did before the crash.

Think of all the problems we are facing. Our Congress has done two things: passed a massive tax cut for the absolute richest and aggressively pushed bank deregulation.

Is that what you asked for? Is that what anyone asked for?

#10YearsAfter #BankLobbyistAct
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Center for Popular Democracy | CREDO Donations

You’ve seen us in action and on the ground across the country. We’re fighting with you for access to healthcare, dignity and equality. Everyday is a different battle but we will not back down. @CREDO mobile has also seen our work and now you can vote online (30 secs!) to help support our work!

http://bit.ly/votepopdemoc and take 30 seconds to support our important work! One click is all it takes!
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New team pins.

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Shawn Sebastian on Twitter

I’m at a training with amazing grassroots leaders right now from across the country who are all committed to fighting for full employment.

We’re here in New York to fight for the most powerful position in America that Trump doesn’t control, the President of the New York Fed. This Twitter thread lays out the basics of why the New York Fed is so important and why you should share your story and come to Wall St on Monday.

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