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Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund

My amazing colleague Xiomara Paola lives in Puerto Rico and has been fighting against austerity and colonialism her whole life. Now that Hurricane Maria is upon us, she and my organization, Center for Popular Democracy, have started a fund to respond to Hurricane Maria and address the needs of the low-income Black communities who are most affected and most overlooked.

If you’re looking for a way to help Puerto Rico in this moment, this is the way to do it:

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Indivisible Guide

If you don’t have a key Senator in the Healthcare fight, you can still help by calling people in important states!
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If find yourself fighting your way through lower Manhattan and you’re near 275 church, stop by, press buzzer #3, and enter the dream house.

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Topher Spiro on Twitter

IOWA and COLORADO: Call your Senators listed here. Republicans are pulling out every stop to try to cram through healthcare repeal before the September 30th deadline. The only thing that can stop it is what stopped it last time: a massive outpouring of calls, protests, and face to face confrontations. PLEASE MAKE YOUR CALLS THIS WEEK!
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DRUM – Desis Rising Up & Moving member and DACA recipient raising the alarm on the government registry of millions of undocumented immigrants
“When I applied for DACA, I also had to share information on my parents. So then, the concern is whether or not my information as part of the DACA database will be used to target my parents…we don’t want any legislative solution if it means sacrificing our parents…If people were outraged when the first Muslim travel ban came out, or when they heard of a Muslim registry, they should be equally outraged now…and to demand that this database be deleted.”
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Li’l rascal 2-seater

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